Take me home!!

Oooh, I was just witness to an epic couples fight!! You know the kind that ends with the girl screaming "take me home!" ? It was one of those. I stopped in at the store on my way home to pick up a few things, but suddenly got sucked into this classic drama in the bread aisle. Best I could tell, they had plans to go out with her friends who were in town this weekend from Indiana, and he selfishly scheduled a night out for himself with some coworkers. She was not happy.

It erupted into an expletive laced free for all, right there in the middle of the store...and it was not pretty. After the heated exchange, they both sat there looking sort of battered and punched out, no doubt exhausted from their verbal bashing of one another...and the girl looked so defeated. She just sighed a long, sad sigh...thought for what seemed like an eternity and said to him..."you suck!" and stormed out.

The reason I tell you this, is because in my music obsessed mind I was reminded of this song I am posting. Don't we all with we could come up with something cinematic when faced with a moment like that?

* The A-Sides - 'Cinematic' MP3

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