Oh, to live on sugar mountain

I need to post more and more of Bobby Bare, Jr. I love his voice, I mean it's just perfect for the sort of barroom songs he sings so well. I also love his version of this Neil Young song. I can remember loving song as a little kid, my brother would always be blaring this on his record player and I would make him repeat it over and over. In hindsight, I was probably in love with the idea that there was an actual mountain made out of sugar out there somewhere in the world, as my 8yr old musical tastes were not so refined.

* Bobby Bare Jr - 'Sugar Mountain' MP3

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  • TooDrunkToDream Says:

    Jess and I were literally just discussing an hour ago if this was my favorite Neil Young song or not. As it turns out, it's not, but it's in the top 5. I'm loving the BB version. Didn't know it was out there.