Sad Man Happy Man

I am so happy that Mike Doughty is as prolific as he is. Just a year after releasing 'Golden Delicious' he is back with a great new record, the stripped down sounding 'Sad Man Happy Man.' I love the way MD sees the world and the way he spins his stories into song. He has one of the more original voices in all of pop music I would say, and has since the Soul Coughing days. And by voice I mean what he has to say and how he says it...although I DO dig his actual voice and that cool spoken word style delivery too. Oh,and he has written a song with what has to be one of my all time favorite titles...

* 'How To Fuck A Republican' MP3

3 Response to "Sad Man Happy Man"

  • Anonymous Says:

    This dude is straight bitch. Only a faggotass liberal would write a song like this, meanwhile the congress, house and prez is all dems and all they doin is fucking shit up and spending money they don't have. With all due respect sir, you're breaking my douche meter. And that's treal as it gets.

  • blair Says:

    Thanks for keeping it real man...that's what conservatism is all about!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I'm pretty sure that dude is just pissed that when he Googled "I want to fuck a Republican" he got your site. And that's treal as it gets, my friend. Trait up treal.