Craigslist Musical Dedication

Guy with chainsaw at haunted

hoochie oct 23

- w4m - 18 (palakstan)

Date: 2009-10-26, 11:42PM EDT

Hi im brittany, i went down to the haunted hoochie on friday october 23,2009and im looking for a guy who works at the haunted hoochie and had a chainsaw on the in side that i told who had his chainsaw on my leg and i told him not to do that to much cause it might turn me on....... please contact me at duckie_the_swimmer_8 for yahoo sn or britduckie for aim sn or my myspace is lil_swimmin_country_girl8...... please find me!!! my number is four one nie six six zero three one zero six eight


This girl is probably already dead. Not a real good idea to include the phrase "don't use the chainsaw to much, it may turn me on" followed by the sharing of your phone number . I mourn her death, but man, I would still LOVE to hear some of those voice mail messages!

* Hole -'Jennifer's Body' MP3

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