The Best Kind Of Insomnia

There are points in every man's life where he must pause, assess where he is, and plan accordingly. Tonight was one of those nights. And the moment of truth came to me all at once and out of nowhere. It came as I was live blogging my local trick or treat night here in suburban Columbus,Ohio. I know, so ridiculous,right? This is not at all how I imagined my Thursday nights would be...ever.

At the same time, I was having an ongoing facebook conversation with an old some of our past adventures, which, when re-hashed, sound incredibly reckless! Ah, my 20' fun you were, but I am so glad you are over and I often wonder how I survived you.

All of this nostalgia and self-loathing led me to some soul searching, after which I arrived at this conclusion. I am TOTALLY OK with live blogging trick or treat night as a 34yr old guy. While all of this was going on, many friends were making plans and talking about going out on twitter and facebook...and for about half a second I was jealous. Then I wasn't. Honestly, the last place I would ever want to go at this point in my life is a night club. Or any other place with really loud obnoxious drunk people in costumes...I know! I was THOSE people for ten years! I survived, thereby earning my right to live blog neighborhood events on a Thursday night!

Wait, wait, wait...this is my music blog, not my therapy session. Sorry! I digress. In an attempt to tie this all in to music, this Jason Anderson song came up via the shuffle mode tonight. It is absolutely the sort of song that the 20yr old Blair would not have at all appreciated. The lyrics are WAY too pointed, way too brutally honest. In other words, the kind of song that the nearly middle-aged Blair adores.

* Jason Anderson - 'The Post Office' MP3

3 Response to "The Best Kind Of Insomnia"

  • Doom For Darlings Says:

    "It is absolutely the sort of song that the 20yr old Blair would not have at all appreciated."

    It sounds like a great night. Not fun, necessarily, but great. Quiet moments of being ok :)

    And for the record, nearly middle aged Blair is a great music buddy!

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