Loving Taking It's Course

I guess you can say I have a major weakness when it comes to tribue albums. I love them. Even if I am not all that familiar with the person being immortalized in tribute album form, as is the case here with 'Loving Taking This Course: A Tribute To The Songs Of Kath Bloom.' Bloom is a singer/songwriter who you can read all about here.

The album is really fantastic, and I do believe it did its job - with me anyhow - as I am now inclined to check out some more of Ms Bloom's body of work. And the beautiful thing about this record sis that it's a double disc, one cd of the tribute songs, and one of Kath Bloom's original recordings. Here are the covered tracks and their artists:

01 Marble Sounds: "Come Here"
02 Bill Callahan: "The Breeze/My Baby Cries"
03 Laura Jean: "When I See You"
04 Mark Kozelek: "Finally"
05 Mick Turner and Peggy Frew: "Window"
06 Devendra Banhart: "Forget About Him"
07 Scout Niblett: "I Wanna Love"
08 The Dodos: "Biggest Light of All"
09 Josephine Foster: "Look at Me"
10 Mia Doi Todd: "Ready or Not"
11 Corrina Repp: "Fall Again"
12 Marianne Dissard and Joey Burns of Calexico: "It's So Hard to Come Home"
13 Amy Rude: "In Your School"
14 Tom Hanford: "If This Journey"
15 Meg Baird of Espers: "There Was a Boy"
16 The Concretes: "Come Here"

And here is my favorite track of the bunch...enjoy:

* Meg Baird - 'There Was A Boy' MP3

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