Lollapalooza Recon: Band Of Skulls

One of my very favorite parts of the process that is my music festival addiction is the researching the dozens of bands that I have never heard of. This is basically how I celebrated my 4th of July...alas, I was outside though...just with a laptop right along side my beer and hot dog.

My first pleasant discovery of the day was the UK outfit Band OF Skulls. An album(coyly titled 'Baby Darling Dollface Honey') which is full of retro-awesomeness without ever sounding cliche, not an easy trick to pull off...ask Wolfmother.

* ' Cold Flame' MP3

2 Response to "Lollapalooza Recon: Band Of Skulls"

  • a.parker Says:

    I just fell for BoS this weekend, thanks to a new friend, a mixtape, and hours on the road. They're going to be at CD101 Summerfest and tickets are only $5. Are you going?

  • Blair Says:

    I wasn't going to go until I realized they were playing!! At $5 it would feel like a crime NOT to go!