Craigslist Musical Dedication

Poet in search of Muse! - 47 (Galloway)

Date: 2009-07-27, 1:01AM EDT

Darkness falls upon a lonely soul
Fatigue is conquered by thoughts of sweet love
Shadows on the wall dance away silently
like remnants of chlorine dreams on a clear bright morning
Gather unto me my squires and bathe me in scented oils
Dress me in fine linens of scarlet, purple, and gold
Tonight I enter the house of my lover
I shall once again occupy the Temple of Love
I claim the Priestess of Love contained therein
Salvation lays within those sacred walls

I am home.....

Are you the Muse that I am looking for?
Could I be the Clown for your circus of Love?

Please respond with pic and I will return same...


The "clown for your circus of love"? Straight up Chaucer!

* Joe Purdy - 'Sad Clown' MP3

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