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Hey. How's post high school life? - m4w - 22 (barz)

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Date: 2009-07-14, 3:29PM EDT

on second thought, i don't really care. you were at the bar last night. the boths of yous. we went to high school. there was no connection missed, i was just wondering if you'd help me out with something. y'see, i feel like i have unfinished business with HS. like it's in some crevice in the back of my head that sometimes comes out and bothers me. so here is where you come in (and by you i mean at least one of you): let me take you to the bone zone. just pork you like crazy. no talking unless you deem it necessary, hell you don't have to like it either. and i don't care if its after the 2 burley muscle monkeys with the saccarine words and plastic charm are done with yas. i really think this will bring me to peace. and hey, you'll get a free boning out of the deal. sounds win win.


Bad attempt at humor, or somebody really having trouble moving after the high school experience? Not really sure, and I don't think I even care...just read this one and it reminded of this song...which I love.

* M Ward - 'So Much Water' MP3

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