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A NOTEBOOK Type of Love Created at the JEEP SPOT - m4w - 43 (OSU)

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Date: 2009-07-10, 7:30PM EDT

I Love you so much! Even still this very moment.

YOU KNOW: We have that type of Love (Notebook Love) and you know we do. We had such a passion for one another. We couldnt wait to see each other. When we kissed the SPARKS flew. We felt the same and we had LIFELONG plans too! I wanted to grow OLD with you and be just like him and Love and take care of you . When we would talk we could talk about anything and talk for hours on end. We knew what the other was thinking. When we made LOVE it was New and Fresh every time. Even when we took times off from Love making ......It was always so HOT and so full of Passion and Lust but beauty at the same time. You once said JB you can NEVER DENY our LOVE and it is something you can Never just Throw away? Do you still believe in that? Well that must of been before you fell and bumped your head because that person is gone. Where did she go? She never gave me a chance ....she never gave our Love a chance....... You know darn well if we was to of met we could of sat there and worked it all out in a matter of a hour. Lots of the emails back and forth were misunderstandings of what was meant and also it was a build up of not seeing you since April. Yesterday I had to drive to Bethel road where I last saw you. As I drove up 315 I passed the cool bridge where we kissed and took photos. I couldnt help but look over at the park and miss you. Then I drove by Micro center the very last place we kissed. Then the stop light where you pulled beside me and said Hey your Cute do you have a GF? Then I saw the Wendys were we drove to get some food and take it back to the park ........ HOW CAN I NOT MISS YOU? It hurts to even think that you dont feel the same way.

You stayed away because you know darn well if you looked me in the face you would see the true love and passion we have and we would still be together today. Now I am left missing you and I will never know what really happened. It hurts to know end to feel like this was all a joke to you and you just ran away from it all ......... So I feel so Angry like you never Loved me but I was there and I felt it and you told me you did too.

No man will ever Love you like I did and I know no Woman will ever Love me like you did......... I know so much about you......... and I care so much about you

I will never understand why you tossed it all the way? I will never understand why you would never meet me and look me in the eye and say we were over? I will never understand why you did any of this....... I hope someday you realize how not seeing me killed me........ how not calling and talking also killed me........ not emailing me killed me........ It was like I was locked up and in a cage .... Cant you see that's why I got so Angry?

I have reached out and reached out to you....and I know you read these.......... I deleted my email not to write you off but to try and move on and not be hurt every single day by never hearing from you......... I had to do it to leave you alone.......I want to talk to you all the time but I don't want to fight and I just knew if you called me then we wouldn't fight........... Well my number is still the same and when your new life gets old and you realize How much I Love you and want you..(Bed of Roses type of Love) just like you did last Jan....... call me......... True Love can always work it out....... remember True Love never keeps record of wrong doing.........

Love JB


OK. This guy also posted two more of these. One citing 'Ghost' and one citing 'Nights In Rodanthe.' Each one was longer than this one, with just as much groveling...he also included pictures of some kissing scenes from ALL of the movies he mentioned. He is not dealing well with the break up...maybe time to queue up a good comedy on the old netflix.

* The Avett Brothers - 'Love Like The Movies' MP3

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