Right Away Great Captain

It was a spectacular weekend for me on the new music discovery front. I just stumbled into all sorts of audio goodness, which I will spend my Monday sharing here with you as opposed to...you know, working.

First up is Right Away Great Captain, a side project of Manchester Orchestra's lead singer Andy Hull, which immediately explains why I love the record so much. Musically, it may come off a bit softer, a bit more folky, but lyrically it is as biting and brutally honest as anything MO has ever recorded. The record I have been digging is 'The Eventually Home', it came out late in 2008.

* ' Cutting Off The Blood To Ten' MP3

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  • Anonymous Says:

    A pretty good cd, but it is a continuation of the story in Right Away, Great Captain's first, and in my opinion superior cd, 'The Bitter End'. If you liked 'The Eventually Home', 'The Bitter End' is definitely worth checking out