Loch Lomond

Oh Portland, why must I fall in love with every band you produce...or so it seems. The latest Oregon band to win my heart is Loch Lomond. Those autumnal tones and downbeat lyrics get me EVERY TIME.

Loch Lomond's latest release is the 'Trumpets for Paper Children' EP, available for free through Hush Records.

* 'A Field Report' MP3

1 Response to "Loch Lomond"

  • puzzlewithpans Says:

    i've immediately fallen in love with this song! im definately going to look into loch lomond.
    they remind me of the group 'hey marseilles' another great band.
    i stumbled on your site after doing a blog search for sun kil moon. you have great taste and seems to me we are of the few people who love the tiny cities album! tar for the music!