Who the f*ck is Anvil??

Sunday was an excellent day on the live music front for me. First off was a great early show with The Dears, Eulogies, and Great Northern. Great Northern were good, and although I only got to hear a few songs from The Dears(had to leave early, more on that later) I was really impressed with them. But for me, the main attraction was the second band on the bill, LA band Eulogies. I have been listening to their latest record 'Here Anonymous' rather obsessively for a couple of weeks now, and their live set didn't disappoint AT ALL. Here is my favorite tune off of that album...enjoy.

* Eulogies - 'This Fine Progression' MP3

As I said, I had to bail just a few songs into the Dears set because I was running to meet my oldest brother down the street for a screening of "Anvil: The Story Of Anvil"...then after the viewing, the band actually played a 40 minute set IN the theater. Very cool. If you aren't familiar with the band(I wasn't) or the movie, it is a MUST see. Dig the trailer:

This was like me coming full circle in my live musical life! The first rock show I ever went to was with my brother. He took me to go see Motorhead when I was in the 8th grade. I've been hooked on live music ever since. But back to the movie for a second. It's just a beautiful, funny, and touching film that anyone who has ever dreamed of being something bigger will just fall in love with. It's got so much heart...you'll love it, I promise! And seeing the guys play live was incredible, they are obviously so genuine and wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world but on a stage playing music together in front of their fans.

And now, it gives me great pleasure to write something I never in my life thougth I would write...enjoy this Anvil tune!

* Anvil - 'Metal On Metal' MP3

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