Scenes from the shuffle

Sitting here daydreaming...again, while I should be working...again. And since daydreaming is taking up just about all of my mental energy, I have decided to put the music library on shuffle and let it take me where it will. And it just took me to a very happy place.

I am sure that I have ranted before about how much I love the witty, literate lyrics of Dear And The Headlights' songwriter Ian Metzger(And, just for the record - the Arizona band's latest record 'Drunk Like Bible Times' is still my favorite album title of the past few years).Funny that I should mention song lyrics, because as I was adrift in mid-daydream DATH's 'Talk About' popped up...a song that I seem to think is about rock journalists putting to much thought into what other people's words are meant to say.

Oh the irony....

* 'Talk About' MP3

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