Music,mass transit, and their inseperability in my wolrd

Not only do I live in the bustling metropolis that IS Columbus,OH....I live the suburbs of said bustling metropolis. Which is pretty much a drag. Living downtown here is okay, lots of cool places to get to pretty easily. The suburbs? I can walk to a waffle house and like four drug stores. Not much else. I would shut up and move already, but next time I move it will be a move of greater distance I hope, to a newer, shinier destination.

I bring this up because when I do decide to take in some show or something, it is always downtown. I could drive, but I never do. I am a huge fan of mass transit. I prefer to take the longer, yet far more peaceful route via bus. The 35 minutes or so it takes me to get downtown on the #10 bus are 35 of my favorite minute of any given week. I grab a good window seat, turn my mp3 player up to what is probably a slightly louder than healthy level, and let the people and buildings roll by me. I get lost in the dilapidated buildings and the interrupted lives of the people I see - the people who I can't imagine envisioned their lives turning out the way they did, but still soldier through every single day. It's melancholy and hopeful, all at once.

This past Friday night was a wonderfully gray night when I was making this trek. The shuffle mode was especially profound in it's selections for the evening's soundtrack. Here were the highlights:

* Adem - 'Tears Are In Your Eyes' MP3

* Elizabeth Willis - 'In Your Eyes' MP3

* Sparklehorse - 'It's A Wonderful Life' MP3

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  • kate Says:

    Ahhh. Adem. What a great album he put out. Thanks for the tip on that one Blair. I have officially turned my brother on to your blog. I hope he finds some fun stuff. Technology makes things so much easier for angst-y 15 year olds. I had a lot of trial and error at the used cd store when I was his age! Let's hang out. It's been way, way, way too long. BTW, we were at the show waiting for you... a while ago (January maybe?) but you never called back... : (