Craigslist Musical Dedication

brunette sitting across from us while we play pool - m4w - 36 (reynoldsburg..thirsty turtle)

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Date: 2009-04-30, 2:25AM EDT

i am not sure if you were looking at me or my friend but damn you are hott. brunette tan large bust tat on your right wrist. mmmm lookin good i winked at you then didnt see much in response but you did seem to turn red when i winked if you like what you say please hit me are a couple of tats to remind you as to who i am

image 1147096358-0 image 1147096358-1
image 1147096358-2


Man, there is so much wrong with this ad, I'm not even sure where to start. I'll start at the top and say that I will NEVER be hitting the Thirsty Turtle for happy hour any time soon. And is there any thing more heartbreaking guys then the unreciprocated wink? It's a soul crusher.

* Eulogies - 'Bad Connection' MP3

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