Coachella 2009....that's a wrap!

Just got back to Ohio. My feet are aching, my hearing is almost non-existent, I am sun burned, and I can't wait to do it all over again next year!!

I am really blessed in the sense that I have this amazing group of friends scattered all over the world who make an effort to get together a couple of times a year and hit these beautiful music festivals. None being more beautiful than the three days we spend in the California desert every year. This year may have been the most beautiful yet in fact.

(I am having trouble finding my USB cable, so I will post pictures...eventually.)
It only seemed fitting to kick off the festival with my very favorite band, The Hold Steady. It was a joyous, rocking 50 minutes that set the tone for the fest perfectly. Other highlights included an insanely tight set from Conor Oberst and his Mystic Valley band, a little Morrisey, a little Beirut, and a transcendent set from Leonard Cohen which included what is now maybe my ALL TIME favorite Coachella moment - the entire festival singing alone with the refrain from Hallelujah just as the sun went down. I finished the evening up by sitting on the lawn listening to Paul McCartney...not a bad day one.

Saturday we got there early to check out a bit of Ida Maria, then it was on to a great set from Cloud Cult. Caught a few songs from the Liars then I was off to split time between Blitzen Trapper and Dr. Dog. Then Amanda Palmer's show BLEW ME AWAY. I am not a huge Dresden Dolls fan, nor am I very familiar with her solo stuff...but she put together one of the most enthralling sets of the entire weekend - which ended in a beautiful communal sing along of Radiohead's 'Creep.' Then it was over the big stage for TV on the Radio, then we finished up the night with a triple bill on the outdoor stage with Fleet Foxes, Band Of Horses, and a great set by Jenny Lewis.

Sunday began by chilling out on the lawn, soaking up some sun and some hip hop from Knux. Then an energetic show by Okkervil River. From there we took in a few Gaslight Anthem songs then it was off to hopefully catch a train wreck in the form of Brian Jonestown Massacre. But a trainwreck was the last thing that show was! Anton started on time, barely spoke a word, and the band sounded fantastic - easily my most pleasant surprise of the weekend. My Sunday highlight though had to be Public Enemy. They played the entire 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back' album...historic!! They brought a live band and just sounded phenomenal. After that I was zapped...made my way over to the main stage and laid down on my back, gazed up at the stars, and sang along with the Cure for the rest of the evening. Robert Smith and the Cure provied me with another one of my all time great Coachella moments late Sunday night when the festival cut off their sound at exactly 12:30, but the boys kept playing. What could have been a totally frustrating end to a great day was made incredible by seeing all of the people huddle up as close as possible to the stage while helping to sing 'Boys Don't Cry'...chills on top of chills on top of chills.

Best weekend ever.

Leonard Cohen - 'First We Take Manhattan' MP3

Conor Oberst - 'To All The Lights In The Windows' MP3

7 Response to "Coachella 2009....that's a wrap!"

  • Rockstar Aimz Says:

    Also a nice write-up of Coachella in today's NYT.

  • Jen Says:

    Aaah, the good old smack of jealousy. Can't wait for pictures and future highlights..

  • l. Says:

    It was an amazing long weekend!! I loved your review, and was glad I got to experience Conor with you.

    Leonard and Amanda were amazing, as was the Cure. I'm sad I missed the ending (sounds like it was amazing and chill-inducing), but I had a long drive home.

    Hope to see you sometime soon!

  • liz Says:

    Great write up, mister! I am still recovering, I miss Indio!

    Where are your new posts? I am not used to all of this quiet.

  • Blair Says:

    Hi Liz!! I miss Indio too...and I miss you!

    Ihave posted like 6 or 7 times since this one :-) I don't do well with e-silence...I have been blurbing away, and I have many more blurbs to blurb this much new music!!!


  • liz Says:

    dude! the many years of bleaching my tresses may have seeped into my brain finally. i kept clicking on my direct link to your coachella post thinking it was your main page.

    i am awash w relief. blair blurbs keep coming, all is well in the world.

    miss you too, :D

  • an earthling Says:

    sunday was amazing! the cure's ending is also one of my favourite coachella moments ever. so awesome