One mroe stroll...

It's been a weirdly coincidental week between me and music. I keep getting one album after another from one of my old, battle tested favorites whose debut albums will forever be in my own personal hall of fame. Pearl Jam's '10' reissue, getting to hear the new PJ Harvey, and now Gomez's new record has made it's way to me.

The back pages of this blog are rife with the love I have espoused on that Gomez debut record 'Bring It On.' And while nothing they have done since has quite hit me with the same fervor of THAT record, I still love the band(especially live - incredible) and checking out what they are up to.

That brings us to the new record, A New Tide, which hits stores on March 31st, Only got to sit with it for a brief time, but I think it could be true love. Here is one track that got the repeat treatment...enjoy.

* 'Little Pieces' MP3

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