Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

I just sort of stumbled across this killer version of the Black Keys covering the Captain Beefheart classic and I had to pass it along. It's on an upcoming Warner Bros compilation entitled 'Covered: A Revolution In Sound.'

* The Black Keys - 'Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles' MP3

2 Response to "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles"

  • Johnathan Appleseed Says:

    That was a bad ass Black Keys cover. Thank you. I personally think Dan Auerbach's new album is going to change the face of popular music. If you are into the roots rock and roll check out this Florida band called Johnathan Appleseed. Saw them recently. They've got it.

  • Blair Says:

    Agreed. That Auerbach album is so good.I can't stop playing it. I'll check em out...thanks for the tip!