Craigslist Musical Dedication 3/23/09

Great Guy Looking To Join A Couple - m4ww - 29 (Short North)

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Date: 2009-03-09, 2:33AM EDT

This may sound a little nutty, but you don't get what you want in life if you never ask.

I'm a fun, honest, and good looking guy who is looking to start a relationship with a female couple.

Why a female couple? I've been in a house of three before. Things generally seem to work best when the guy joins a pair of women who already have a strong bond between them. Three strangers trying to fall in love almost always ends badly. Also, I just don't get most straight women.

Aside from the math, I'm looking to have a normal relationship. I love to cook for my partner(s), see movies, travel, and make music. (Double points if either of you play an instrument)


Could you BE any more greedy? God man...this is craigslist, not Fantasy happy to find a nice girl with all of her teeth.

* Blind Melon - 'Three's A Magic Number' MP3

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