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Im the Man with the Plan - 20 (Cols)

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Date: 2009-03-12, 9:40PM EST

My names travis im 20 years old and an intellectual and love to learn what ticks. im 5'11 230 medium build. hazel eyes that change color dark brown hair. .i love the outdoors more than anyone knows so id like a woman who likes getting down and dirty. im trying to find someone who is intellegent yet funny, im very cocky so i need a girl to match. i like dancing and cooking. i do like to get physical but just understand me when i say this "you can't build a relationship off sex alone" now believe me its good but its not everything i need a woman not a girl, older's nice but it doesnt have to be if you are mature enough. i like playing games so entertainment is my forte'. i have a dog and am i avid animal lover. but even with all excitement behind i do like relaxing with friends or the one i like so dont be afriad to pull me away if you want/need me. peaple say im arrogant i just know wat i want in life is ard to get so help me help you make life easier. im no push over either even though i wear my heart on my sleave i am very good about protecting the ones i care about believe me. i love poetry so i swoon people easily but dont take that as bad my words last forever. peace . let me know whats up by emailing me with your description and /or picture.


He is SUCH an intellectual that he apparently transcends all rules of punctuation and spelling. And he will swoon you.

* Vampire Weekend - 'Oxford Comma' MP3

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