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Mixed martial arts cage fight hottie - w4m

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Date: 2009-03-10, 8:39PM EDT

You were in the front row seat observant and thriving on the violence. The testerone in the room heightened my senses and i could feel your piercing blue eyes admiring every vibration of body to body contact. If you read this, i want you to know that the heartfelt emotive reach for you is sincere and your presence no matter which geographical location, opposite ends of the oceans, lingers and lingers. My intellect and sensual form longs for another dose of the puriest form of humanity-- companionship. I don't know what we are and I'd rather not place labels on true, remarkable relationships. It's AMAZING how our unusualness makes us so usual.


Impulsive healthy neat freak


Chicks dig the cage fighters.

* The Exploited - 'Sex And Violence' MP3

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