Craigslist Musical Dedication 3/27/09

the reason you can't find a man is all the good ones are taken - 46 (columbus)

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Date: 2009-03-25, 5:55PM EDT

Ok your smart..your cute for your age got a good job life is good but no man...hum whats up with that...well truth is all the good ones are taken so what can your do ...only the duds ...the low life and the live in moms basement and type with one hand are the only free ones....its supply and you can sit here and wish for a ken doll...but he is not going to come and if he dose he is going for Barbie....and why not she is young and pretty and you are still cute but not 20 anymore so Barbie will get the free one ever time...but a good free man is as rare as a unicorn and there are 400 girls for every one free think outside the box a bit...a married man is not so bad ..they don't make you do there wash ...a married guy will treat you like a lets talk you can sit there and talk to the cat or you can meet a real man who will be very good to you..


Such a hopeless romantic, this one.

* The Hives - 'Supply And Demand' MP3

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