You're Not Broken

Blame it on the digital age or blame it on my ever diminishing attention span. I just know that I probably don't listen to new records like most people. I have this habit of checking out an album, and clicking on the most intriguing song title first instead of starting with the first track and listening in know, how the artist intended.

It's just that most of the music I buy now is in the digital format and that may have something to with it. Or I may just be a glutton for emotional punishment, as I am always drawn to the saddest sounding titles possible. It's true. I am rambling on about this because I did it again today, when listening to this Sera Cahoone album 'Only As The Day Is Long.' Great record by the way, yet another immensely talented Seattle musician. I get the album, and without even thinking I clicked straight away on 'You're Not Broken'...great choice as it turned out.

* Sera Cahoone - 'You're Not Broken' MP3

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