Rock n roll crush # 216

Nina Perrson of The Cardigans and A Camp.

Here is my all time favorite Cardigans song. Yes, I realize that by being male and having an 'all time favorite Cardigans' song that I am jeopardizing all of my masculine credibility, but whatever...I have lived as a guy with the name Blair for 30 some years, I can deal. The A Camp song is from the band's soon to be released 'Colonia' album.

* The Cardigans - 'I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer' MP3

* A Camp - 'My America' MP3

1 Response to "Rock n roll crush # 216"

  • Anonymous Says:

    You can't be lacking too much masculinity. Even Ozzy Osborne likes the Cardigans, or so I've heard. Great Post!