The Last Song I Will Write

Jason Isbell keeps on keeping on. Since leaving the Drive By Truckers, Mr. Isbell has been on the road for what seems like forever. Really. But for that I am thankful, I can't wait to see him March 6th here @ a place called the Basement. Should be the perfect fit for his bar room ballads and blues infused rockers.

And even with all of the touring, he and is band The 400 Unit have still managed to write and record a new album. The self titled disc will be out this spring. Here is a beautiful song form that record:

* Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - 'The Last Song I Write' MP3

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  • Orange Says:

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about the lyrics:

    THE LAST SONG I WILL WRITE - Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

    Come run away with me
    This ain't the world we signed up for
    Echos cross the open sea
    In a place without any range war

    And this is the last song I will write
    This is the last time I will ever fight
    For you
    For you

    Mamma lost her second love
    At a time when she really needs him
    He could not have been enough
    So small but still bumping the ceiling

    And this is the last dream I will have
    My lady, my lord, my mom and dad
    All floating away into spring
    All floating away into spring

    You work up on your feet
    And then turn away from the sunshine
    It's you who've seen my worst defeat
    Crawling through crumbling coal mines

    And these are the last words I will sing
    'Cause this is the end of everything
    I'm crawling away to the sea
    I'm crawling away to the sea