High Lonesome

Hi, my name is Blair and I love music. I also love musicians who love music.

And I love it when musicians love a certain song/band/album/lyric enough to name check it in one of their very own songs...I can think of no greater compliment. So this is a fine example of that. One of my favorite new bands, The Gaslight Anthem, giving a lyrical shout out to one of the seminal albums of my life, Counting Crows 'August And Everything After.'

* The Gaslight Anthem - 'High Lonesome' MP3

3 Response to "High Lonesome"

  • lef Says:

    They also quoted Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" in that song. Sigh. So good.

  • Hanan Says:

    I love them so so so much.

  • Dave Says:

    I, too, look to bands when I design the perfect society in my head. Bands that can tell an honest and meaningful story without sounding too "nose-in-the-air" are the types of bands I like to jam to. Check out Conflict in the Sky too. Their lyrics are pretty powerful and question a lot of the establishments that people rely on.