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looking for my daughters father - w4m - 47 (centerburg)

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Date: 2009-01-24, 2:16PM EST

Please bear with me as i try to explain my story...i'm doing this for my daughter she has no idea i'm trying to find her birth father and what is even worse the birth father doesn't even know she exsists. When i was 18 i was living/working at a nursing home in centerburg, Ohio. i would party hard and wild back then. Not at all proud of it but have to be honest about it. at age 19 i became pregnant and soon after finding out i just left and went back home to Indiana. i gave birth to a baby girl. on Dec. 16, 1981. meaning i conceived in march. i truly believe i know who the man is that is her father but it's been 27 yrs and i my memory isn't all that great anymore. i know we were at my friend Debbies house when it happened, he was in the reserves at the time. i think his name was greg. My name is Melinda but friends call me Lynn. we used to go to a bar in cernterburg called freddy farquars and there was also a little bar and restraunt place where debbies mom used to work we'd also visit. please if any of this sounds familiar and you would like to see if you may have fathered a daughter 27 yrs ago please contact me. you are missing out on a wonderful daughter and 2 great grandsons.

please as you read this do not judge me i know my past is terrible i'm just trying to make up for it for my daughters sake. so please if you remember any of this contact me. i'm not wanting to get back with you or want anything from you i just want you to know a piece of you. her name is Rachel Leanne Seitter Jordan. she's 27, born on Dec. 16, 1981, she has 2 sons, Jerry Wayne Jordan III. and Hayden Michale Jordan. she's been married 6 yrs to a wonderful man who's going through chemo for cancer so Rachel needs all the emotional support she can get. from her natural father too if i can find him.

any help in finding this man would be greatly appreciated. i remember there was a man by the name of rusty rogers in the group too. but hes not involved with Rachel just trying to give as much info as possible.


HELLO?? It's 2009. There is no need to go into the ultra personal, often humbling details of your youthful indiscretions in order to find your daughter's birth father on Craigslist...have you not heard or seen the modern miracle that IS the Maury show?

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