Coming Back Around Again

Do you ever get the feeling that some people were just fated to make music together? I sort of feel that way about former Jayhawks founders Mark Olson and Gary Louris. Their voices compliment each other so well...I have trouble listening to either one without the other. The Jayhawks formed in Minneapolis WAY back in 1985. Olson left the band in 1997, but not before he helped to record two of my all time favorite records with the band - 'Hollywood Town Hall' and 'Tomorrow The Green Grass.'

Fast forward to 2008, and Olson and Louris got together and recorded 'Ready For The Flood'....which I have been listening to all day. Those voices. Still sounding so great together. This record has a real lo-fi charm to it, almost like they just set up a 4 track, grabbed some guitars, some friends, and some beers and played music until the sun came up. For an old Jayhawks fan, this is a beautiful thing.

Here is one off of the new album, then one each off of those older classics.(OK...nostalgia wins again, I am actually posting two songs off of Hollywood Town Hall)

* Mark Olson & Gary Louris - 'Bicycle' MP3

* The Jayhawks - 'Take Me With You When You Go' MP3

* The Jayhawks - 'Settled Down Like Rain' MP3

* The Jayhawks - 'Blue' MP3

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