Coachella 2009: First Impressions picture didn't come out very well. If you still haven't seen the lineup, you can check it out here:

And I have to preface my comments with this little bit of full disclosure. I am 100% NOT OBJECTIVE when it comes to this festival. I love it with all of my heart. This will be my fifth year trekking out to California from Ohio, and I don't plan on missing one as long as I am upright and able. So, with that being said, I love this lineup. It's just a beautiful mesh of new and old.

Upon first glance, here are some moments I can't wait for:

- Seeing my favorite band, The Hold Steady, in my favorite place on earth!

- Beirut at Sunset on Friday night!

- Paul McCartney

- Public Enemy...i don't care how old Chuk D is or how many bat dating reality shows Flav does...I still love them.

- Leonard Cohen

- My Bloody Valentine and The Cure to close things out on Sunday night!

Only 77 long days away :-)

* The Hold Steady - 'Your Little Hoodrat Friend'

* Beirut - 'Nantes'

* The Beatles - 'Yesterday'

* Public Enemy - 'Don't Believe The Hype'

* Leonard Cohen - 'Hallelujah'

* The Cure - 'Pictures Of You'

* My Bloody Valentine - 'To Here Knows When'

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