List-a-palooza 2008 - Favorite Song Titles Of The Year

It's REALLY cold here in central Ohio. And snowy. I have been up since like 2 in the morning, so I think I will be spending this Saturday night just hanging out, listening to music and compulsively listing some more things. Crazy fun. Short lists though. My lack of an attention span won't allow me to go more than two or three songs per category.

First up, my three favorite song titles of 2008. Which is really hard to widdle it down to, and completely unscientific, but I am giving it a shot any way.

I just really love the first two titles and their uber-literalism. And the third tune gets the sentimental vote, as it reminds me of Max Fischer and Rushmore.

Herman Dune - 'My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks' MP3

Los Campesinos! - 'Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #1' MP3

Frida Hyvonen - 'Sic Transit Gloria' MP3

2 Response to "List-a-palooza 2008 - Favorite Song Titles Of The Year"

  • brian Says:

    sic transit gloria... already used by brand new in 2003. THAT is a great piece of its genre.

  • brian Says:

    but los camp is amazing, both lps are fantastic and "documented" kicks ass. cant say enough good things about 2008s most under appreciated band.