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Date: 2008-12-03, 1:11AM EST

You were my ex boyfriend's roommate. You were my coworker. You were a good friend. We lost that somewhere in my drama between men that didn't include you. I always knew you had a thing for me... do you remember that night we walked around the corner to my ex ex boyfriend's house to finish a keg and you kind of professed your love to me on the way back? I do. Look, I'm sorry at how things happened because you could always relate to me a bit better but we were always off limits to each other. Now I... I'm probably more off limits than I ever was considering all of that drama. I'm sad we don't talk anymore.. I miss those nights a lot. I'm sorry I was too drunk and had to leave that one night. I'm sorry I couldn't get you off. You were more fun than either of your friends I dated. Why didn't I go for you in the first place? Would we have ever had those problems?

That night on the dock in Florida with a few beers was one of the best nights of my life.
If you ever read this... just.. I don't know. Just know I love you... as a friend, as a lover, as something. I don't know what it is but you just mean a lot to me and I hope when I come home we can rekinle at least our friendship. I miss it a lot.


She is the most college-y girl EVER. Kegs, ex ex-boyfriends,, so college. This scene is probably played out about 1000 times every weekend on college campuses all across America. Which brings me to the song...brought to you by Ben Nichols and Lucero:

"running down a busy street
she was drunk when she kissed me
i know better than to be
falling in love so easily"

Lucero - 'She's Just That Kinda Girl' MP3

she's just that kinda girl
that kinda girl"

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