Are the kids really gonna be alright?

When I was a bored, frustrated, suburban white teenager....I had Pavement to bask in.

Now that i am a bored, frustrated, suburban white 30-something, I have the Hold Steady to bask in.

What about the bored, frustrated, suburban white teenagers of today? Where will they go for guidance/distraction/motivation/imagination? Anyone?

Pavement - 'Summer Babe'(Winter Version) MP3

3 Response to "Are the kids really gonna be alright?"

  • Robby Says:

    Deerhunter? That's my best guess, but I'm an old guy, so it's only a guess.

  • Jessie Says:

    That is the question, since so much of the new music these days doesn't even compare to the legend that was Pavement.

    Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks? Maybe.

    But is it the cynicism of the 30's or does new music just mainly suck these days?

  • Blair Says:

    I am really cynical 34yr old...and I do think that most of the music floating around out here is pretty awful. I can't tell if those two are cosmically intertwined, or mere coincidence.