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WalMart- Sorry 'Bout Your Dog - m4w - 25 (Zanesville)

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Date: 2008-11-06, 5:54PM EST

To the redhead in the '95 Buick: you had gone to put your cart away and I ran your dog over. It's hard to see over those motorized carts and your terrier was so small. I put in a shoebox on your hood. I hope you forgive me. I really do.


After the election Tuesday I was feeling so good about our country again, ya know? Like we as a people were FINALLY making strides towards becoming a better society. And then I clicked on the Craigslist missed connections pages and snapped out of it.Instantly. You ran her dog over in the Wal Mart parking lot and are apologizing via Craigslist?? At least you had the decency to put the remains in a shoebox and leave it on her hood though....classy move.

Seven Mary Three - 'My Favorite Dog' MP3

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