Starting all over...again

I should not be allowed to come within a 50ft radius of ANY technology while intoxicated - it always ends badly. Last night I was firing off what must have been completely incoherent text messages, writing acerbic craigslist rants, and worst of all I managed to somehow erase the contents of my 80gb MP3 player. Well played, I know. I have a Zune, not an Ipod, and I didn't think it was even possible to delete everything so quickly. Leave it to me. Honestly though, the odds of my actually pressing the right combination of buttons to do this have got to be astronomical! But sure enough, the thing froze up and I did what I thought was the maneuver to reboot it, but instead I got the cryptic message blinking at me "Clearing ALL Content...please wait"...and poof, it was all gone! Luckily, and in what is a very un me-like thing to do, I have most everything backed up on external hard it's just a matter of transferring everything over.

So I am just posting this a public service announcement...just sleep it off! How much do you think it would cost to have all of my technological gadgets equipped with one of those breathalyzer locks like multiple DUI offenders get built into their car I can't even operate it if my blood/alcohol level is over a certain percentage? I am starting to think that would be money well spent...

Kula Shaker - 'Start All Over' MP3

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