I saw 'crazy' this afternoon

I passed this story a long to a friend via email this morning, and I thought I'd just paste it up on the blog - it is just that wonderfully random! It also goes to show that even though Ohio was a blue state this year, there are still lots and lots of crazy red people here.

i need to tell you about my Target experience. I was there picking up my brother's buffet of meds at the pharmacy, and the lady in front of me was making the biggest scene. Apparently the line was too long at the service desk and her complaint was an emergency so she ran immediately to the Pharmacy for help. Her issue? She has two of these creepy talking baby dolls in her hands, and she swears...and she is DEAD serious, that they are saying "Islam is life"! Really. She made the poor pharmacist, and me by default, listen to it like five times...i don't know what it was supposed to be saying, but by the fifth time it almost kinda/sorta, vaguely sounded like "Islam Is life"..if that is what you WANTED to hear. God...she was demanding that all of these be pulled from shelves. They finally hustled her away to a conversation with multiple members of Target management. I am kind of disappointed that I didn't see the outcome of this, but also glad she was far, far away from me.

Like I told me friend, it actually gave me a nice dose of perspective. No matter HOW bad I think my life is, at least I am not her! Can you imagine going around looking for stuff like this to complain about?? I never cease being amazed at people's idiocy...

This song is a beauty from the new Lambchop record, entitled 'OH(Ohio)' - in honor of our great state's botching of the 2004 presidential election. Sorry America, we did better this year.

Lambchop - 'Ohio' MP3

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