"Hold on to sixteen for as long as you can..."

"Hold on to 16 as long as you can..." one of the most poignant rock lyrics ever put to paper.

My oldest nephew is turning 16 next month(what? God, I swear he was born like...last year!)...I feel like having some sort of intervention with him. I feel like sitting him down and playing this song for him and telling him to follow every dream he has while he is young...because those dreams become harder and harder to realize with each passing year - says the wise old uncle.

The only reason I thought about this song today is because I heard 'So Sublime' from Beth Rowley on my commute this morning. It struck me as having that same sort of subject matter...the every frightening rate of which the years are flying by. So I thought I would just post them both, since they seem to be cosmic soul mates in song...in my head anyway.

John Mellencamp - 'Jack And Diane' MP3

Beth Rowley - 'So Sublime' MP3

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