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broke, wanted, and nearly homeless wth an upside - 31 (columbus-all areas)

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Date: 2008-11-21, 10:24AM EST

Hello world. I am having a hard time of it. I dont have a car, a place stable to stay or a job right now and Im wanted, but I want to be in love too. I am very attractive and I have other talents that alot of men dont, on top of an innate intelligence. I just need to be honest about my situation at the moment because my life is teetering on the edge of destruction if I dont figure out something quickly. I doubt youll be interested, but sometimes when you know the bad from the outset, youre better off than you are when everything about a person seems great. Leave me a message please. Thanks.


Ladies of the internet...I can practically hear your collective swoon as I type this. (Thank you CP for finding and forwarding this one...great find!)

Hayden - 'Bad As They Seem' MP3
Bad as They Seem - Hayden

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