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Sweet Love - m4w

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Date: 2008-11-06, 4:19PM CST

We met a local charity fundraiser that endorsed for social-challenging abused survivors of traumatic events, as we proficiently danced with a swooshing array that barged the anemic onlookers, patrons,and socialites on a beautiful kaleidoscope white-tainted floor, of which, had amassed an abundance of engraved of fire-trails etched into it. But we continued to parade ourselves even though our noses twitched a nub from an unknown gut-wrenching, nostril-absorbing, and stomach aliment that was in the air. As we savored the appeasing dinner after-wards, we gazed unto the vast ocean of bright-white starlit beacons cherishing every moment as be held each other ferociously in our bear-hugging love affections.

But, we ignored the trails of the wrench that the foul stench that continue to haunt our glorious night, but we would not be denied. As we headed from the edges of the rivers embankment we smiled gleefully staring at each other without any hesitation preparing of what to was become.

And then we ignited the ignition sequence of the sequential roaring by turning on the car. We on-looked to each other with sweaty anticipation and visualization of the proceeding ruffling of the sheets. We sat there in a trance.

But to our shock and surprise the over-whelming of the air-evaporating stench had followed us. We heard a small moaning over the roar of our Mercedes engine and it seemed to becoming from the rear or from the backseat of our four-seated social elite transportation.

We looked back and was in shock to discover a couple naked in the backseat of our car. We paused, but became angry. We immediately jumped out of the car and began to seek our inquisitive nature. We demanded that the relive themselves from our car with the threat of contacting the authorities.

The young small-chested and rear-deflated woman to immediately put her clothes back on and began to express her sincere apologies, while, the young long-haired gruff began, as well, to retrive his belongings and began to clothe himself.

But wait at minute. We were shocked to discover that he had a gas mask on during the intrusion of our car. We at first stood there startled, but yet a long and tremendous laugh peered out of us.

They ran as fast as they could out of the area, but we will never forget that night as the stench was embedded into our experiences, as well as the stench being released from the local new station as a precaution to the local community.

We still remember you young lady, and hope that one day you may purchase a bottle of "Sweet Love"...


An epic 'missed connection' to say the

Portishead - 'It Could Be Sweet' MP3

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