Secrets Are Sinister

Is emogaze a subgenre of rock music? If not, it should be...even if it is never used again except to describe the sound of Brooklyn band Longwave. And I mean "emogaze" in the most flattering sense of the phrase. I just suck at classifying stuff...but I like this new record, 'Secrets Are Sinister', it never bored me...and these days, that speaks volumes.

The CD is out November 11th. Check it out.

Longwave - 'Shining Hours' MP3

2 Response to "Secrets Are Sinister"

  • Anonymous Says:

    It's a great CD. I never thought of it as being emogaze though, I'll have to try and share the term. The CD is out November 11th.

  • Blair Says:

    Thanks for the release info...i'll edit my post to include that! Yeah, I am loving it...much better than the last record...and as far as 'emo-gaze' goes...i probably shouldn't blog on cough medicine...i start making up stuff.