An open letter to the record company execs

Over the last two days, I have received 2 notices from that let me know that some record labels were outraged by my posting(therefore promoting, but whatever) their songs. One was Beck, and one was TV On The Radio.

I am just a guy in Ohio who LOVES music. So naturally I love to share said music. I only post what I like....really. What pisses me off is that the big money bastards at the record companies didn't have the decency to even ask me. I would pull a song in a second if I thought I was upsetting an artist I liked. But no, they go right to Blogger, the host, because the 8 or 9 people who read my blog may have gotten a track for free....the horror! Seriously...have they seen my blog? No master plan....just a guy who LOVES music and wants to write about it.

Record just keep fucking up....I tried to help, telling people that I liked your artists...but you thought I was giving your shit away for fuck you.

No. Really. FUCK YOU, you are taking away everything that is pure and great in rock n' roll.

And the artists who are under this do you feel about this? I was promoting your music....and I got in trouble.

Public Enemy - 'Fight The Power' MP3

11 Response to "An open letter to the record company execs"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Totally agree. The Record companies have their heads in the sand and are missing the point. Blogs promote music.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hey man, this musician says PROPS. if you were talking about my music I'd be happy that you were taking the time to share my artistic product. you're posting one or two songs, not a whole album. and you're encouraging people to go buy our stuff, not download it illegally. it's the record companies that need to change the way they disseminate music, not the fans. although massive illegal downloading IS a problem, individual blogs giving publicity to little known bands is a great, great thing.

  • Blair Says:

    Thanks for the support! So true, have you ever seen an industry SO afraid of adapting? Record companies are dinosaurs...

    The internet is the most amazing, free marketing tool ever...but instead of embracing it, the record execs keep banging their head up against the wall.

    Thanks for stopping by


  • Anonymous Says:

    this blog is great. i've bought several CDs based on stuff i heard here and never would have heard anywhere else. and yes i'm old skool and buy actual CDs so i can do what i want with the tunes. if there was a contact button anywhere on here i'd have written several times to thank you. of course the labels don't get this blog, or anything else, 30seconds on any FM dial will tell you that.

  • Blair Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to show some e-support! There has to be thousands of people like you, who use blogs to find new stuff to PURCHASE. The ignorance and greed of those record labels is impossible for me to fathom!



  • Jameson Says:

    You know, it's not like we, the bloggers are the new 'ADVERTISING' or anything.... Ad revenue is plummeting as magazine subscriptions hit all time lows. People aren't reading Rolling Stone and Spin. They read blogs. They get their information in snippets. From US. US! Why are the label fat cats putting up such a god damn fight?? Over a SONG???

  • Hanan Says:

    this recent influx of ridiculousness must stop. all of my favourite blogs are being targeted. I've gotten some emails and a bunch of my posts were deleted too. keep doing what you're doing, Blair. I love your blog.

  • Blair Says:

    Amen sister!!! :-)

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