The New Protest Songs: "Rich Man's War"

Only eight days til the election. Finally. I don't know about the rest of the universe, but as a guy living in a swing state, it can't come soon enough. The endless barrage of negative ads and robo-phone calls are enough to make anyone take up communism. I kid, of course. It's the best kind of stress to have I guess, and I am very proud that I live in a country where I get to elect my leaders. The system is broken, we know that, but you vote and you complain, and that's how change happens. If you don't vote, you forgo your right to complain about anything...ever.

So, to usher in the excitement of election day...I am going to post a favorite 'new protest song' a day until the 4th. George W. Bush has absolutely made a royal mess of things over the last 8 years, but the one bright spot...if you were a music lover - lots of great politically feuled angst ridden tunes!

Today's entry is courtesy of the great Steve Earle:

Steve Earle - 'Rich Man's War' MP3

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