Hush Arbors

Just in time for the end of Autumn, Hush Arbors. Hush Arbors is Keith Wood, a Virginia singer/songwriter. He plays a beautiful, muted folk that reminds me of a sort of Iron & Wine meets Built To Spill sorta sound. Haunting and hard to forget...great stuff.

He has a new self-titled album out now that is fantastic...check it out.

Hush Arbors - 'Rue Hollow' MP3

4 Response to "Hush Arbors"

  • Anonymous Says:

    That's not Keith! That's Ben Chasny.... Knob head!

  • Blair Says:

    Thanks...bopping around the internet making negative comments on people's music blogs again are we? How's that working out for you...your life must be so full!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Dear Blair,
    The image you’ve used in your post is of a man called Ben Chasny. Ben makes a brief appearance on the Hush Arbors record but is not in Hush Arbors.
    My life is very full, thank you for your concern…

  • Blair Says:

    Ah...see, much more effective! Thanks for the info, like I said I JUST heard the band for the first time and threw the picture up without doing much research...this is why I usually stick to album covers! Thanks again...cheers!