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Anyone know Scott Blair used to be in a band called Sleaze Patrol? - w4m (Dayton area)

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Date: 2008-10-14, 11:41PM EDT

I'm looking for Scott Blair. Was in a band called Sleaze Patrol about 20 years ago. Used to perform at Kettering skateworld every friday night. If you do, please tell him I always loved him, and I miss seeing him, And I wish I told him that back then but was too shy.
Please ask him to write me back.
Thank you very much!


This may be the all time saddest missed connection ever!

1) the object of her affection was in a band called Sleaze Patrol
2) Sleaze Patrol used to play at the skating rink...
3)...20 years ago!

And you weren't in love, you were 11 and he was in a band...for the love of God!

Garbage - '#1 Crush' MP3

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