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come to see whats up civic driver dumbass (lakewood )

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Date: 2008-09-26, 6:18PM EDT

i guess working is bad and what you observe is so damm important like we care,oh your fat ass is more like it ,are you the one in a place that thinks what ever you say means anything to us we just want to jump out a window when you open your trap.
go stick a cucumber in that pie hole because im sure no man would want to put up with your bull shit.
your cat holds signs up saying steal me or kill me i dont like living here.come to rant and rave bitch and i will tear you up some more.


I think I read this about 3 times...and I still have NO IDEA what they are trying to say...if anyone out there speaks crazy, please feel free to translate for me in the comment section :-)

Ray Lamontagne - 'Crazy' MP3

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