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abortion kills and so do hot cars

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Date: 2008-09-11, 6:25PM EDT

All you people coming down on the females who prefer to have an abortion because it is killing a child.

Why don't some of you raise some hell about those women who left their child in a hot car to smother to death. I mean, hell, what's the difference, well maybe there is:

Abortion kills an unborn fetus that is never outside the body, maybe not even formed, that the mother hasn't and never will hold in her arms.

Hot cars kills a child, moving, breathing, cooing and gooing, that the mother has cared,?, for over a period of time and has held in her arms but for some reason forgets that she has a baby because she thinks that her job requires more attention than her child.

Why haven't you pro-lifers been squealing about these women REALLY GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, REALLY!


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