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full fingured bbw SATERDAY at xenia walmart LOOKIN 4 U!!! - w4m - 35 (xenia)

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Date: 2008-09-02, 5:47AM EDT

i saw you there saterday by electronics. i thought you was looking at me. i was looking thru the reduceded movie bin. i was wearing a halter top and jeans shorts. you kept looking at my huge rack...hehehe. you started to move tward me but my baby was crying and my mom was finished shopping and i had to go.
you need to get with me becuase i gotta present for you.


RUN...RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!! Or just throw a book at her...all of the properly spelled words will confuse her, allowing time for your get away....

Kasey Chambers - 'Cry Like A Baby' MP3

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