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Date: 2008-08-30, 10:22PM EDT

then you are like me. In my moments of greatest despair, I turn to things like song lyrics to look for wisdom. I turn to the "Missed Connections" forum on CraigsList to look for hope. I turn inward to look for strength, because I have no "special someone" to look outwards at.

Sometimes you can feel yourself on the edge of greatness. You grasp and grasp, and hope and pray that it doesn't slip away. This is one of those things. This post. With it starts my relationship with you: the person who reads this, hoping it's about her. It is. I'm hoping you'll respond, so that this doesn't slip away. If you're like me, then you might not even read it to begin with. Maybe the title didn't "grab" you enough, maybe it looked too long to muddle through when you clicked it, or maybe you think I'm a raving lunatic, a loser, or just not your type. But if you DO read it, and it catches you in the right mood, and if you're as hopelessly romantic as I am, then you might write back. I hope I'm in the right mood when I read it.
I am a lonely wretch.

Know what I did tonight? I wrote on a friend's FaceBook wall. I haven't talked to her in over a year, probably. She's married, but I told her that I was thinking about her the other day, and that she's beautiful. It's funny how I can scoff at FaceBook, but doing something so simple can make me so happy. I want someone of my own to tell such things to. Not someone else's wife.

Last week, as I was talking to someone online (probably someone I met on a dating site) they told me that it was refreshing to hear from a guy what I'd just said: I'm tired of being alone.

You can tell me that 1 and 1 make two, and that you have to live for yourself before you'll find anyone else, but the fact of the matter is that I believe that, instead of 1 and 1 making two, I'm looking for my other half. I wish I knew where you were. I know you're out there, dammit. Somewhere. Please write me back. I'm not suicidal, so don't get all worried, but sometimes it feels like I'd be much better off living for someone else than for myself. It's a little sad, but there ARE things I'll do for someone I care about, but not do for myself. I just wish I had the person to do them for. That could be you.
If anyone actually writes me back, and responds to this, it might encourage me enough to write again. I'm not particularly artistic, actually, but I think that posting this is "me needing an outlet." I mean, I can appreciate art, but I'm not much for making it. this is what I can manage. To you, I hope, it's art.
I am a: lonelywretch


"I turn to the "Missed Connections" forum on CraigsList to look for hope" ... that MAY in fact be the saddest thing I have ever, EVER read. I think of all the Missed Connections sub-genres on Craigslist, the 'late night rambling/cry for helps' are my favorite to read...and the most heart breaking.

Steve Earle - 'Lonelier Than This' MP3


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