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Seeking Adult Drunk Clown for 30th Birthday party

Date: 2008-08-26, 3:22PM EDT

We need an Adult Drunk Clown who is good at getting drunk and stupid. No need to do any clown tricks, just hang out and drink a shit load. We will be hopping around to different bars and want a clown to tag a long and drink heavely. He doesn't even need to socialize with anyone, just drink.

the birthday is on Friday, Sept. 5th in Bucktown. Oh, did I mention that the clown needs to get shitfaced. Don't worry, we will purchase all the drinks.


What do you think the # will be for the over/under number of fights the 'adult drunk clown' will get into over the course of this night of bar hopping? I will start the wagering at 7...

The Kinks - 'Death Of A Clown' MP3

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