A musical movie review: "Across The Universe"

Across The Universe - Thumbs WAY down

"Review" really isn't the right world for this, since I only made it about half way through. Horrendous.

I've been conflicted about this movie since it's theatrical release...I hate musicals, but I love the Beatles. My compromise was to wait til it came out on cable. And I am glad I didn't waste a Netflix rental on it. I can't even say anymore....it was mind numbingly bad to me...entrenching me even more rigidly in my 'all musicals suck' state of mind!

I don't even want to hear a Beatles song for the next 72 hours...but I will post a couple of my favorite Beatles covers.

Ben Lee - 'In My Life' MP3

The Black Keys - 'She Said,She Said' MP3

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